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Industrial furnace application classification and development trend

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In the forging workshop, industrial furnace smelting metals include cupola, induction furnace, electric resistance furnace, electric arc furnace, vacuum furnace, open hearth furnace, kiln furnace, etc.; sand-type drying furnace with bake sand type, iron alloy oven and casting annealing furnace; In the workshop, there are various heating furnaces for pre-forging heating of steel ingots or billets, and heat treatment furnaces for stress relief after forging; in the metal heat treatment workshop, various annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering heat treatments for improving the mechanical function of the workpiece Furnace; in the welding workshop, pre-weld preheating furnace and post-weld tempering furnace with weldments;

In the forging workshop, industrial furnace smelting metals include cupola, induction furnace, electric resistance furnace, electric arc furnace, vacuum furnace, open hearth furnace, kiln furnace, etc.; sand-type drying furnace with bake sand type, iron alloy oven and casting annealing furnace; In the workshop, there are various heating furnaces for pre-forging heating of steel ingots or billets, and heat treatment furnaces for stress relief after forging; in the metal heat treatment workshop, various annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering heat treatments for improving the mechanical function of the workpiece Furnace; in the welding workshop, pre-weld preheating furnace and post-weld tempering furnace with weldments; furnace with sintered metal in powder metallurgy workshop.

Other industries of industrial furnaces, such as metal melting furnaces, ore sintering furnaces and coke ovens in the metallurgical industry; distillation furnaces and cracking furnaces in the petroleum industry; furnaces in the gas industry; cement kiln and glass melting and glass annealing furnaces in the silicate industry; Baking ovens for the food industry, etc.

Industrial furnace adjustment fuel structure

Although coal is still the main energy source in China in the phase of proportionality, it is not only heavily polluted, but also disadvantageously implements high-temperature air combustion technology. Therefore, the replacement of coal and other solid fuels with oil and gas is a strategic direction for the energy-saving development of industrial furnaces in China.

Industrial furnaces further develop and improve combustion technology that enhances oxygen enrichment

We will perfect and promote high-temperature air combustion technology or the direction of energy-saving development of industrial furnaces in the future. The technology to improve the furnace temperature on the basis of high temperature and high efficiency flame, the technology of even distribution of furnace temperature, and N0x control technology are the core technologies to promote oxyfuel combustion, and also the future development direction. At the same time, C02's emission reduction and storage issues will become an important research hotspot. Waste heat recovery and full utilization of low calorific value fuels are the focus of energy-saving development of industrial furnaces.

Industrial furnace masonry will develop in the direction of integration and lightness, followed by the development of unshaped refractory materials. The overall casting and lightweight structure will be more widely developed. The new refractory material is used, and the refractory brick is replaced by the high temperature resistant ceramic and ceramic fiber, so that the furnace heats up quickly and the heat loss is small.

Industrial furnace energy saving and environmental protection

Pollution management should be carried out in an effort to reduce or eliminate harmful emissions and soot emissions. Energy conservation is one of the biggest environmental protection measures for China.

Industrial furnaces improve the "greenness" of industrial furnaces

Improve the energy structure by ploughing the industrial structure; use the world's most advanced scientific pollution control methods to eradicate pollution from the source: continuously develop new technologies and equipment suitable for China's industrial furnaces, strengthen waste heat recovery and recycle of resources; Legislation and law enforcement efforts; improve the environmental protection organization and improve the environmental awareness of the whole people and other ways to improve the "green degree."

Industrial furnace application classification and development trend

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