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Intermediate frequency furnace safety operation rules

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Intermediate frequency furnace safety operation rules

Intermediate frequency furnace safety operation rules

First, the general rules:

1. All operators must be familiar with this procedure and achieve a certain level of proficiency before they can operate independently.

2. The operator must stick to the post, and the furnace control room should not be empty after the furnace is opened.

3. It is strictly forbidden for non-operators or unauthorised technicians to operate the equipment without authorization.

Second, prepare before opening the furnace:

1. Before the furnace is opened, the squad leader or the squad leader must be responsible for the comprehensive inspection of the equipment, eliminating all hidden dangers, and confirming the correctness before opening the furnace.

2. Must be done before opening the furnace:

(1) Check whether the water system pipeline valve opening and closing meets the specified position and whether the water pressure reaches 40 PSI.

(2) Turn on the water cooling system cooler power switch, and turn on the electric furnace transformer room suction cooling fan power switch.

Third, the start and operation of the electric furnace:

The electric furnace must be started according to the starting process.

(1) The electric control cabinet door should be closed and ensure the upper pin. The incoming voltage meter shows that the voltage is normal before starting the power supply.

(2) The sintering of the new furnace lining oven must be carried out according to the oven process. The power and temperature are controlled according to the curve, and the sintering process of the whole oven is not less than 8 hours.

(3) The old furnace lining oven must master the principle of slow heating, the oven time is 5 hours, and the surface temperature of the lining reaches 400-500 °C before entering the molten iron.

(4) It is strictly forbidden for non-related personnel to enter the electric furnace control room to avoid personal and equipment accidents.

(5) Do not damage the various warning signs on the equipment.

(6) Personnel are prohibited from approaching the high pressure area when the equipment is in operation.

(7) Due to power outage or other reasons, when the pump stops working, it is necessary to immediately check whether the automatic water supply device has water discharge. When the water pump resumes work, check whether the water supply valve stops supplying water.

(8) When the water flow is low and the water temperature is too high, the cause should be found immediately and measures should be taken without delay.

(9) When the electric furnace suddenly fails to run for two times during operation, the distilled water of the water system must be completely replaced to ensure that the pipeline is smooth and non-fouling.

(10) When the electric furnace is running, it is necessary to check the water temperature, water pressure, current, voltage, power, frequency and furnace body every hour.

Fourth, the operation on the stove:

1. The molten steel in the furnace must be treated with slag.

2. When tapping the steel, you must check the rotating handwheel on the steamer to tighten the screw to prevent it from falling off. When one person dumps molten steel, the other person must control the ladle to prevent the ladle from shaking and it is strictly forbidden to operate by one person.

3. When operating the steel tapping water, pay attention to prevent the steel from overflowing, and the steel in the package should not be too full.

4. The maximum temperature of molten steel should not exceed 1700 °C.

5. Check for water and debris in the pit before the inspection every day.

6. Check whether the water cable and the water supply pipe are hot every shift.

7. Each tube must be inspected for the degree of erosion of the measured lining and recorded.

8. The lining of the eroded part must be repaired before it can be used.