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The main products are KGPS series thyristor intermediate frequency power supply, IGBT intermediate frequency power supply (below 1000kw), medium frequency melting furnace, medium frequency diathermy furnace (forging), steel shell furnace (1-40 tons), medium frequency quenching transformer, medium and high frequency heat treatment equipment, surface Design and production of quenching machine tools,

Luoyang Shennai Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang City, Henan Province, which is known as the “National Capital of the Nine Dynasty”. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and production of induction heating technology. It has a professional product design team, an experienced production team, and Excellent sales and after-sales service team, 


Henan University of Science and Technology Teaching Practice Base
Organization code certificate
Luoyang Institute of Technology Teaching Practice Base



The products produced by the company are of high quality and low price, safe and reliable, long service life, easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection.

The power cabinet and induction furnace always maintain the best matching full power output, less turn-off loss, small reactive component, low tank loss, and energy saving up to 20% compared with the traditional parallel power supply. low frequency preheating, high frequency heating, limit energy saving technology.The copper row is sandblasted and passivated, with low leakage inductance and anti-oxidation, which effectively reduces the line loss.