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2018-10-11 11:18
Because the price of medium-frequency electric furnace lining materials is relatively expensive, and the furnace building time is also relatively long, it is worthwhile to strive for the extended use time of the electric furnace lining. However, in some cases, it is very likely that the lining will be penetrated by the molten iron in order to use it once, and the consequences are serious and even endanger the safety of the equipment and the human body. This requires us to accurately determine the life of the lining.

After years of experience, the method for judging the life of the lining is as follows:

(1) Observe the change of leakage current value during operation. If the leakage current value does not change significantly for a long time, please pay attention to check whether the leak detection device is faulty and the ground wire is connected well; if the leakage current value suddenly increases, it indicates that the molten iron has Intrusion into the furnace lining and even breakdown of the furnace lining, the iron in the furnace should be treated according to the situation and no longer used.

(1) Calculate the life of the lining according to the past experience. When the life of the lining is fast, pay attention to observe the electric furnace frequency meter, voltmeter, ammeter, etc. If the hands of these watches are oscillating under normal working conditions, the lining life will be exhausted after the end of this work. Do not continue to use.

(2) When the iron slag of the operator is in contact with the molten iron, there is a contact inductance. Pay attention to observe the working sound of the electric furnace. If the sound is “squeaky” or even when the iron is discharged, the sound changes obviously, indicating that the molten iron has invaded the lining or even penetrated the lining. The iron in the furnace should be treated according to the situation and will not be used any more.

(3) The working sound of the circuit obviously becomes "boring". When the circuit casing and other grounding bodies are in contact with the power supply and stop working, it indicates that the molten iron has penetrated the furnace lining. The power supply should be cut off immediately to pour out the molten iron in the furnace and stop using.

The above is the accumulated experience in production and is only for reference by industry peers.
2018-06-05 16:40
Leakage current detection: comparison of DC injection type and differential current type
2018-06-05 16:37
The aluminum melting furnace is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving electric furnace developed according to the aluminum smelting process. It can well meet the requirements of the aluminum smelting process: strict alloy composition requirements, discontinuous production, large single furnace capacity, etc. It can reduce the burning loss, improve the product quality, reduce the labor intensity, improve the working conditions and improve the production efficiency. It is suitable for intermittent operation, with more melting of alloy and recycled materials.
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